The world has never been so small

  • International maritime transport for imports and exports

  • FCL and LCL shipping

  • Chartered shipping

  • Oversize cargo

  • AD HOC solutions

Maritime transport is the quintessential international transport used when there is a large freight volume, when time is not of the essence, and to secure rates that have the least impact on the value of the merchandise. Through this type of transport, we connect the most remote corners of the globe efficiently, safely and affordably.

At Netz Global, we have developed and work with an extensive network of agents on five continents, and we also work with all of the shipping companies that provide services in each region. In addition, we handle all types of cargo, FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less-than-Container Load), and we manage all activities required at origin, when the incoterm so requires.

These services can be combined with other transportation solutions we offer, such as land, rail and inland transport; so as to offer alternative intermodal door-to-door services.


In a world of urgency, the most direct route

  • International air transport for imports and exports

  • Consolidated loads

  • Direct shipments

  • Oversize cargo

  • AD HOC solutions

When speed is the most important factor in transporting your products from one location to another, air transport is the right solution. Speed, Agility & Safety.

At Netz Global we work with all air, commercial and freight carriers, and select the one most suitable for each shipment that possesses the level of responsibility and reliability required for the type of cargo to be shipped. We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the area of air transport, offering the very best options in order to achieve greater efficiency in managing your Import and Export shipments.


Solutions for a world on wheels

  • International land transport for imports and exports

  • Local nation-wide transport & throughout Mercosur

  • Satellite tracking

  • Armed custody

  • AD HOC solutions

We have a network of operators that covers the entire national territory and bordering countries. We work with the leading companies in the market, both national and international, that comply with all the quality and road safety standards that your company needs.

We operate with a variety of equipment: trailers, semi-trailers, container ships, flatbed trucks (with or without guardrails), vans, siders, utility trucks; as well as lighter vehicles for specific shipments between different locations.

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